Team building

Strengthen Your Team by Embracing Strengths and Values

This 5-hour workshop focuses on exploring and enhancing your team's strengths and values to create a cohesive and successful work environment.

Throughout the workshop, we will:

  • Explore Strengths and Values: Through practical exercises and discussions, we will identify and apply individual strengths and shared values.

  • Enhance Collaboration: Employing strength-based exercises to promote better collaboration and problem-solving within the team.

Our workshop provides a platform for:

  • Understanding and appreciation of each other's strengths and values.

  • Improved collaboration and the establishment of a shared foundation based on common values.

Contact us to create a tailored workshop that suits your needs and fosters a stronger and more unified workgroup.

For more information or to book your workshop, please get in touch with us!


LOCATION: On-site at the client's premises

TIMES: 4 hours effecitive time or customized as agreed upon

TARGET AUDIENCE: Teams and leaders

REQUIREMENTS: No prior knowledge required


INVESTMENT: 30,000 SEK (excluding VAT)

PAYMENT: The cost will be invoiced 30 days before the event or as per agreement.