About us at Beinfront AB

Jörgen Boström

Leadership Developer, Coach, CEO, and Founder of Beinfront AB

With over two decades of experience in leadership and management, we at Beinfront AB strive to support leaders and companies in strengthening and improving leadership.

We specialize in leadership development, individual coaching, and team coaching for managers and leaders across various industries and organizations.

As a certified ICF coach, I enhance my ability to support leadership development for my customers and clients.

Based in Mölnlycke and Gothenburg, Beinfront AB offers its services not only locally but also throughout Sweden.

Welcome to Beinfront AB!

/ Jörgen



Susanna Boström

Vice President and Board Member

It is with joy and pride that I am a part of the company, contributing my expertise in individual coaching and team coaching.

My previous experience as a customer service center manager and leader, combined with my current role as a leader/sales coach at Newbody Family, provides me with a broad expertise that is valuable in supporting and enhancing Beinfront's concepts and offerings.

I aim for my dedication and knowledge to be a fundamental part in developing and improving Beinfront.

Being a part of achieving our shared goals with Beinfront AB is an opportunity that I deeply value.

/ Sanna

Six Core Values

Beinfront AB is founded on six core values that guide us in everything we do:


We always aim to deliver the highest possible quality in everything we do.


Our commitment to our work and our customers is a driving force for our success.


Passion is the heart of our business. It inspires us to strive for continuous improvement.


Courage is the key to taking risks and driving change. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo and dare to think outside the box.


We believe in continuous development, both personally and professionally.


Responsibility is our commitment to our customers, employees, and society as a whole.