Lead Without Being a Manager

Here you'll find all the information about the training.
The Modules

Each module extends over 2 hours and is planned with approximately two weeks in between. This means that the program spans a period of about 12 weeks


This division is designed to give you as a participant enough time to delve into the content and reflect on what you've learned between each module.

Support & Assistance

Between the modules, there is an opportunity for individual support and guidance from me as the course leader. If you have questions or want to delve deeper into specific topics between sessions, I'm here to help and guide you.


To equip you with the necessary skills to cultivate a coaching leadership style and lead without holding a formal managerial title.

By focusing on coaching leadership, you will be able to successfully lead and motivate your team, even without a formal managerial position.

By integrating these skills, you'll be able to foster a culture of engagement, self-driven teams, and open dialogue, resulting in increased performance and collaboration.


Introduce you to fundamental principles of coaching leadership to effectively lead and inspire, even without a formal managerial title.

By integrating coaching methods, you'll be able to guide and motivate your team effectively.

By fostering an environment of open communication and positive collaboration, you'll create lasting success through your leadership.


Location: Online or physical meeting

Course start: Flexible start by agreement

Target audience: Those who lead without holding a formal position of authority.

Course structure: Individual program consisting of 6 modules, each 120 minutes, bi-weekly, totaling 12 hours of training.

Requirements: No prerequisites required

Certificate: Certificate upon completion and approval of the course"


We strive to offer a unique and comprehensive learning experience. Our course not only includes teaching but also provides you with the opportunity for individual support and guidance from me between modules through brief, effective, and targeted conversations, all to maximize your learning.

After completing the course, our commitment to your success continues. You have the opportunity for a follow-up call after 3-4 months to ensure that you have not only acquired the knowledge but also integrated it into your everyday life as a coaching leader. 


Investment: 30,000 SEK per person (excluding VAT)

Payment: The cost is invoiced 30 days before the course starts or as per agreement.

The 6 Modules

Module 1: Fundamentals of Coaching Leadership
  • An introduction to coaching leadership and its distinct differences from traditional leadership.

  • Exploration of the specific challenges of leading without a formal managerial title.

  • The importance of coaching leadership to foster a motivating work environment and achieve organizational goals.

  • Presentation of theories and models for practicing and implementing coaching leadership.

Module 2: Building Trust and Relationships
  • The importance of trust and relationships in coaching leadership

  • Communication techniques to build trust and strengthen relationships with team members

  • Exercises and role-plays to practice building trust and relationships in various scenarios

  • Sharing best practices and experiences among participants

Module 3: Setting Goals and Planning for Success
  • The process of assisting team members in setting and achieving goals

  • Tools and techniques to support team members in their goal planning

  • Practical exercises to apply the goal-setting process

  • Reflection on how goal planning can be integrated into coaching leadership

Module 4: Active Listening and Effective Communication
  • The significance of active listening in coaching leadership

  • Communication techniques for actively listening and understanding the team members' perspectives

  • Exercises and simulations to enhance listening skills

  • Feedback and discussion about the challenges and progress in becoming a better listener

Module 5: Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • The importance of constructive feedback in coaching leadership

  • Techniques for giving and receiving feedback in a constructive manner

  • Practical exercises for giving and receiving feedback in various scenarios

  • Reflection on the feedback process and potential challenges that may arise

Module 6: Developing a Coaching Leadership Style
  • Summary and integration of coaching leadership into one's own leadership style

  • Development plan for continuous improvement in coaching leadership

  • Discussion and exchange of experiences on creating a culture that supports coaching leadership within the organization

  • Conclusion and issuance of course certificates