Mentorship Program

The purpose of this mentorship program is to offer ongoing support and guidance to managers and leaders, aiming to help them develop their leadership skills, foster personal growth, and enhance their professional development.

The program is built on collaboration and the exchange of experiences between mentors and mentees, promoting a deeper understanding of leadership and the organization's objectives.

Purpose of Mentoring
  • Develop leadership skills and influence.

  • Promote personal growth and strengthen professional development.

  • Understand in-depth leadership and its impact on the organization.

Goals of Mentoring
  • Build a strong managerial platform for increased influence.

  • Enhance communication, feedback abilities, and leadership skills.

  • Integrate positive change and support the organization's objectives.

Outcomes of Mentoring
  • Increased leadership competency and influence.

  • Better understanding of the organization's objectives and how to support them.

  • Personal growth and exchange of experiences with the mentor.

Structure of the Mentorship Program

Location: Online or in-person

Start Date: The program commences according to individual agreements and is tailored for each participant.

Program Structure: The program offers flexibility to meet individual needs:

Short-term leadership support program: Typically 10-20 hours.

Long-term leadership support program: Typically 30-60 hours.

Leadership support subscription: Maximum of 10 hours per month for predictability and high quality. Adjustments are possible with increased needs.

Target Audience: The mentorship program is designed for managers and leaders at various levels within the organization.

Requirements: To participate in this mentorship program, completion of 'Strengthen Your Leadership Step 1 and 2' or equivalent training is required as foundational preparation.

Support & Follow-up

As your mentor, I will be your support throughout the program. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss challenges, and receive advice directly from me.

We will have regular follow-up sessions where we can review your progress and identify areas where you can further develop.

My goal is to provide you with the individual support you need to reach your goals and maximize your learning. Together, we will create a meaningful and rewarding mentoring experience!

Investment and Invoicing

The investment in your mentoring program is 2,500 SEK per hour excluding taxes and can be distributed continuously, usually on a monthly basis. This provides a worry-free and predictable management of costs throughout your mentoring journey.

The length and scope of the program are tailored to your specific needs and goals. Invoicing is therefore ongoing and flexible, adjusting to the duration and content of the program.

You have the option to terminate your mentoring program with a notice period of 30 days from the receipt of the termination.

We prioritize flexibility and aim to ensure that the program is adjusted to your needs and goals.