The program is tailored to integrate and promote the use of individual strengths and values to create a more holistic and authentic personal development.
The Modules

Each module spans 2 hours and is scheduled approximately two weeks apart. This means that the training covers a period of about 12 weeks.


This breakdown is designed to give you, as a participant, enough time to delve into the content and reflect on what you've learned between each module

Support & Guidance

Between the modules, there is an opportunity for individual support and guidance from me as the course instructor. If you have questions or wish to delve deeper into specific topics between the sessions, I'm here to assist and guide you.


LOCATION: Online or in-person meeting

COURSE START: Flexible start as agreed upon

TARGET AUDIENCE: Individuals seeking personal development, whether they are formal leaders or not. This course is suitable for individuals striving to use their strengths and values to guide their leadership and collaboration.

COURSE STRUCTURE: Individual program with 6 modules, each lasting 120 minutes, held bi-weekly, totaling 12 hours of education.

REQUIREMENTS: No prior knowledge required

CERTIFICATE: Certificate upon completion and approval of the course


Here, we aim to be unique by providing you with a comprehensive and supportive learning experience. Therefore, our course includes not only instruction but also individual support and guidance from me as the course instructor throughout the program.

After completing the course, our commitment to your success continues. We will conduct follow-up discussions after 4 months to ensure that you have not only acquired the knowledge but also integrated it into your daily life as a coaching leader


Investment: 30,000 SEK per person (excluding VAT)

Payment: The cost is invoiced 30 days before the course starts or as per agreement.

The 6 Modules in Step 1

Modul 1:  Self-reflection and Strength Identification
  • Self-reflection to identify and understand personal strengths and potential

  • Create a plan to utilize strengths in different situations

Module 2:  Values and Goals
  • Explore and define personal values and how they affect goal setting

  • Link personal goals to essential values

Module 3:  Communication and Values
  • Integrate values into communication to enhance clarity and authenticity

  • Explore how values impact relationships and collaboration

Module 4: Leadership Based on Strengths and Values
  • Utilize strength-based leadership methods to lead with authenticity

  • Develop a leadership style aligned with personal values

Module 5: Implementing Strengths and Values in Teams
  • Utilize strengths and values to create a positive work environment and motivated team

  • Integrate individual strengths and values to achieve common goals

Module 6: Planning based on Strengths and Values
  • Create a plan for personal development based on strengths and values

  • Future planning for personal and professional development in accordance with these fundamental factors