Strengthen Your Leadership - Step 2

Here you will find all the information about the program.
The Modules

Each module extends over 2 hours and is planned with approximately two weeks in between. This means that the program spans a period of about 12 weeks


This division is designed to give you as a participant enough time to delve into the content and reflect on what you've learned between each module.

Support & Assistance

Between the modules, there is an opportunity for individual support and guidance from me as the course leader. If you have questions or want to delve deeper into specific topics between sessions, I'm here to help and guide you.

The Purpose of the Education

The purpose of this program is to deepen and develop your leadership skills through an in-depth exploration of subjects such as ethics, strategic decision-making, and action planning.

The goal is for you to be able to apply these advanced concepts in practice to make a positive impact on your leadership and the success of the organization

The goal of this education

The aim of this program is to provide you with deeper insights and skills in areas such as ethics, strategic decision-making, and crafting action plans.

By understanding and applying advanced leadership concepts in a practical manner, you will be able to navigate more successfully through complex situations, promote sustainable growth, and create an effective and responsible work environment.

Connect Your Work to Future Goals
We help you connect your current work to your future goals. Through practical work and strategies, we will assist you in creating a plan for the ongoing development of your organization or business.
Your participation and new skills will be vital in making positive changes within your operations.


Location: Online or physical meeting

Course start: Flexible start by agreement

Target audience: Managers and leaders at all levels

Course structure: Individual program consisting of 6 modules, each 120 minutes, bi-weekly, totaling 12 hours of training.

Requirements: You need to have completed Strengthen Your Leadership Step 1, have equivalent education, or equivalent experience

Certificate: Certificate upon completion and approval of the course"


We strive to offer a unique and comprehensive learning experience. Our course not only includes teaching but also provides you with the opportunity for individual support and guidance from me between modules through brief, effective, and targeted conversations, all to maximize your learning.

After completing the course, our commitment to your success continues. You have the opportunity for a follow-up call after 3-4 months to ensure that you have not only acquired the knowledge but also integrated it into your everyday life as a coaching leader. 


Investment: 30,000 SEK per person (excluding VAT)

Payment: The cost is invoiced 30 days before the course starts or as per agreement.

The six modules in step 2:

Module 1: Ethics and Coaching Leadership
  • Introduction to the subject of ethics in leadership and its connection to coaching principles.

  • Exploration of various ethical dilemmas and decision-making situations.

  • Integration of ethical considerations into coaching decision-making.

  • Discussion and reflection on case studies and real scenarios.

Module 2: Creating Effective Action Plans
  • Understanding the role of action plans in transforming visions into practical steps.

  • Methods for defining concrete and measurable goals in action plans.

  • Designing step-by-step action plans to achieve desired outcomes.

  • Group exercises and practical work with action plans.

Module 3: Strategic Decision-Making
  • Consideration of the importance of strategic thinking in leadership.

  • Gathering and analyzing relevant data for informed decision-making.

  • Managing uncertainty and risks in strategic decisions.

  • Case studies and simulations to practice strategic decision-making.

Module 4: Ethics in Practice
  • Application of ethical principles to real cases and situations.

  • Discussion and sharing experiences about managing ethical challenges.

  • Exercises to develop ethical awareness and decision-making.

  • Reflection on individual application of ethical guidelines.

Module 5: Action Plans in Reality
  • Sharing action plans for individual and collective goals.

  • Feedback and peer support to improve action plans.

  • Adapting and adjusting action plans to meet changing circumstances.

  • Sharing experiences and lessons learned from implementing action plans.

Module 6: Strategic Leadership in Practice
  • Using strategic decision-making methods in real leadership situations.

  • Reflecting on past experiences and how strategic thinking can improve results.

  • Creating a personal development plan to continue integrating coaching principles and strategic thinking.

  • Conclusion and issuance of certificates for completing Step 2.