Achieving Project Success

Here you will find all the information about the training.
The Modules

This course is tailor-made and consists of 8 moduls wich spans 2 hours and is scheduled approximately two weeks apart. This means that the training covers a period of about 16 weeks.


This breakdown is designed to give you, as a participant, enough time to delve into the content and reflect on what you've learned between each module

Support & Guidance

Between the modules, there is an opportunity for individual support and guidance from me as the course instructor. If you have questions or wish to delve deeper into specific topics between the sessions, I'm here to assist and guide you.


The purpose of this leadership program is to support and enhance your ability to successfully bring projects to completion.

By applying the GROW model, you will acquire tools and strategies to identify and overcome obstacles, create an effective action plan, and continuously monitor progress towards the goals.


The program's goal is to help you understand challenges, set clear goals, create action plans, evaluate progress, manage obstacles using the GROW model, and support future development through reflection and learning.



COURSE START: Begins upon agreement (individual program)

COURSE STRUCTURE: 8 modules, each lasting 120 minutes, every other week, totaling 16 hours of training.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Individuals looking to enhance their ability to successfully complete projects more efficiently.

REQUIREMENTS: No prerequisites required

CERTIFICATE: Certificate provided upon completion and approval of the course



We strive to offer a unique and comprehensive learning experience. Our course not only includes teaching but also provides you with the opportunity for individual support and guidance from me between modules through brief, effective, and targeted conversations, all to maximize your learning.

After completing the course, our commitment to your success continues. You have the opportunity for a follow-up call after 3-4 months to ensure that you have not only acquired the knowledge but also integrated it into your everyday life as a coaching leader. 


INVESTMENT: 40,000 SEK per person (excluding VAT)

PAYMENT: The cost is invoiced 30 days before the course starts or as agreed.

The 8 Modules

Module 1: Introduction and Goal Setting

Introduction and program overview

Discussion on challenges faced when completing projects

Reflection on your past experiences and obstacles

Module 2: Self-awareness and Project Identification

Exploration of your personal work style and strengths

Identification and selection of suitable projects to focus on

Discussion on the importance of having clear project goals and objectives

Module 3: Planning and Time Management

Creating a realistic and concrete project plan

Implementing strategies for effective time management and prioritization

Discussion on setting realistic time frames and deadlines

Module 4: Handling Obstacles and Challenges

Identifying common obstacles encountered

Exploring various strategies and techniques to manage and overcome obstacles

Discussion on being flexible and adapting to changes during the project

Module 5: Communication and Collaboration

The significance of effective communication with stakeholders and team members

Building relationships and fostering collaboration within the project

Practice in clearly and constructively communicating the project's progress and needs

Module 6: Motivation and Engagement

Identifying your motivating factors and what drives them

Exploring different strategies to maintain motivation and engagement throughout the project

Discussion on rewarding progress and celebrating milestones

Module 7: Follow-up and Accountability

Establishing routines to regularly follow up on the project's progress

Evaluating results and adjusting the plan as needed

Discussion on taking responsibility for the project's outcomes and consequences

Module 8: Conclusion and Post-Project Work

Summarizing the project's results and lessons learned

Identifying actions for post-project work, documentation, and knowledge transfer

Planning for future projects and continued development