Leadership support

Here you'll find all the information about the program.
Tailored for today's leaders, our program offers agile solutions to navigate complex challenges. Whether urgent or long-term, our support model is personalized to suit individual needs.

Short-term leadership support, 1-3 months

Purpose: Offer quick and effective support for leaders facing urgent challenges.

Goal: Provide individual coaching and workshops to find concrete solutions. Assess strengths and areas for development for a tailored solution. Help leaders take control of their roles and make rapid progress.

Long-term leadership support, 6-12 months

Purpose: Provide long-term and sustainable development for leaders.

Goal: Create a personal development plan with continuous coaching and mentorship. Integrate various leadership programs and courses for comprehensive education. Support leaders throughout their developmental journey to ensure they achieve their goals and grow as leaders.

Subscription for Leadership Support

Purpose: Offer continuous and customized support over time for leaders.

Goal: Establish a long-term collaborative relationship between the leader and the course instructor. Provide tailored assistance, coaching, and guidance to support the leader's development. Help leaders invest in their future and reach their full potential.



COURSE START: Initiated upon agreement (customized program)

COURSE STRUCTURE: Short-term leadership support program: Typically 10-20 hours. Long-term leadership support program: Usually 30-60 hours. Leadership support subscription: Max 10 hours per month for predictability and high quality. Adjustments possible with increased needs.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Managers and leaders at different levels

REQUIREMENTS: No prerequisites required

Support & Follow-up

As your course instructor, I will be your support and mentor throughout the program. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss challenges, and receive guidance directly from me.

We will have regular follow-up sessions where we can review your progress and identify areas for further development.

My goal is to provide you with the individual support you need to reach your goals and maximize your learning. Together, we will create a meaningful and rewarding educational experience!

Investment Cost

Short-term program (1-3 months): Pricing based on the program length and the extent of support received.

Long-term program (6-12 months): Pricing based on the program length and the extent of support received.

Subscription: For only 25,000 SEK per month, you receive up to 10 hours of support.

This subscription offers tailored and continuous support, customized to meet your specific needs. It is an investment in your long-term development and success as a leader.