Strengthen your customer relationships

Here you'll find all the information about the training.
The Modules

Each module extends over 2 hours and is planned with approximately two weeks in between. This means that the program spans a period of about 12 weeks


This division is designed to give you as a participant enough time to delve into the content and reflect on what you've learned between each module.

Support & Assistance

Between the modules, there is an opportunity for individual support and guidance from me as the course leader. If you have questions or want to delve deeper into specific topics between sessions, I'm here to help and guide you.


The purpose of this course is to provide participants with tools and skills to utilize a coaching approach to enhance their customer relationships.

By learning various coaching techniques and strategies, participants will be able to create a more supportive and engaging customer interaction, foster customer self-awareness and motivation, and assist them in achieving outstanding results.


The aim of the program is to develop the ability to employ a coaching approach in customer relations by building trust, using effective questioning techniques and tools, handling challenges, and applying ethical guidelines.

You will be able to establish improved customer relationships, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve business outcomes.


Our course also focuses on deepening the connection between your current work context and your future objectives. Through practical work with skills and strategies, we will assist you in creating a tailored plan for the continued development of your organization or business.

Your participation and newly acquired skills will play a crucial role in shaping positive changes in your operation.


Location: Online or In-person Meeting
Course Start: Flexible start as agreed upon
Target Audience: Key Account Managers, Sales Managers, Customer, Service Managers, Sales Representatives, Account Executives
Course Structure
Format: Individual program with 6 modules, each lasting 120 minutes, conducted bi-weekly, totaling 12 hours of training.
Requirements:There are no specific prerequisites to participate in this program.
Certificate: Certificate provided upon completion and approval of the course.

Support and Follow-up

We strive to offer a unique and comprehensive learning experience. Our course not only includes teaching but also provides you with the opportunity for individual support and guidance from me between modules through brief, effective, and targeted conversations, all to maximize your learning.

After completing the course, our commitment to your success continues. You have the opportunity for a follow-up call after 3-4 months to ensure that you have not only acquired the knowledge but also integrated it into your everyday life as a coaching leader. .

What does it cost?

INVESTMENT: 30,000 SEK per person (excluding VAT)

PAYMENT: The cost is invoiced 30 days before the course starts or as agreed.

The Six Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to a Coaching Approach
  • Overview of the course and its objectives

  • What is a coaching approach and its significance in customer interaction

  • Establishing a trusting and supportive relationship with customers

  • Basic communication skills for coaching conversations

Module 2: Client-Centered Coaching
  • Placing the client's needs and goals at the center

  • Utilizing effective questions and reflections to foster the client's self-awareness

  • Active listening and empathetic presence in coaching conversations

  • Creating a secure and supportive environment for the client to explore and grow

Module 3: Tools for Coaching Conversations
  • Overview of various tools and techniques in coaching

  • Utilizing goal-setting and progress management with the client

  • Visualization techniques and exercises to support the client's self-awareness and motivation

  • Reframing and perspective shifting as tools to challenge limiting beliefs

Module 4: Handling Challenges and Resistance
  • Identifying and managing challenges that may arise during the coaching process

  • Strategies to assist clients in overcoming resistance and limitations

  • Dealing with conflicts and difficulties in coaching conversations

  • Establishing a positive and supportive feedback culture

Module 5: Ethics and Professionalism
  • Ethical principles and guidelines for coaching interactions

  • Ensuring confidentiality and integrity in the coaching relationship

  • Setting boundaries and managing professional relationships

  • Reflecting on personal and professional development within the role

Module 6: Practical Application and Summary
  • Opportunity to practice and apply coaching skills through role-plays and simulations

  • Sharing experiences and insights among course participants

  • Summary of course content and next steps to further develop a coaching approach